IT Services

Operating Systems & software installation, upgrade and troubleshooting

  • Sort any software-related issue of your PC, Mac or Linux Operating System.
  • Remove viruses and any sort of malware that might be effecting your system performance or hindering every-day use.
  • Install or upgrade any additional software as well as suggest programs and utilities that will make you life easier.

Network planning, setup, reconfiguration or move

We can plan and set up your network no matter how big or small. We have extensive experience with Windows domains and workgroups as well as any mixed environment of Windows, Mac or linux client computers.

We can also plan and implement remote access and secure VPNs, so you can work from home, while on the move, away interstate/overseas, or remotely from another branch of your company.

If you are relocating, we can plan and move your entire network, with as little downtime as possible.

Data Security: Backup, Recovery and Protection solutions

We have a remarcable record of successfully recovering lost data from damaged media, as well as after human error.

We can discuss your specific needs and implement a solid, centralized and automated backup solution as affordably as possible, so that data loss does not occur in the first place.

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